Every Online Poker Player Should Avoid. The sad reality has downed on most live casinos. More players are now finding more fun playing the game online. Nonetheless, many players still play in live casinos. No matter where you play, the rules are the same. Breaking one of the rules, adds to your loses and increases your odds of going broke soon or later. As a fanatic agen poker terbaik member, you must know the mistakes you should never make to stay safe and enjoy the play.


Don’t Play Every Hand

Never play every hand available on the table. Playing every single hand is not smart mover but rather an amateurish one. You will not only keep losing but also make other players on the table know that you don’t know exactly when to play and when not to play. Skip some hands, and you will make other players see you as a smart player.

Do the Math Accurately

Not doing the math increases the risk of being a continual poker loser. You must assess the bets as they are being made by other players and know every bit of the amount they are betting on. Every winning online poker player plays with their head rather than their guts. They master the game first before they make a move.

Don’t Cold Call

This is when one of the players in the table raises, another player re-raises, and then you call. This often signifies fear and lack of experience in the game. It as well shows that you don’t know exactly what you are doing and don’t have the confidence to make a move on your own.  It is always better to re-raise when you have a winning hand and fold when you have a losing hand rather than calling.

Don’t Play Until You Master the Game

Getting started playing online poker before you master the rules and strategies is an easy way to go bankrupt. There is nothing smart about getting involved in the game while you know nothing on what it all entails.  You should never play real money on online poker before you have mastered the art of playing like a pro. There are lots of websites you can use to learn the art of playing online poker. There are as well many magazines and books that provide guidelines on how to play online poker. Delving into such useful materials before you go ahead to start playing with real money will help you save you a great deal.